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Day 252: Dumb I Sound/ATLiens by Tor (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Outkast)

21 Feb

Hey everyone!

I lied yesterday about how I was gonna write a long blog post. Tonight it’s gonna be shorter then yesterday… sorry!

But I do have a really cool mashup for you guys today. “Dumb I Sound/ATLiens” is a Sufjan Stevens/Outkast mashup of epic proportions… it’s just cool sounding and really chill to listen to.

Warning, it might have bad lyrics… just in case you’re at work and your boss is like next door or something!

Anywhoo if you like this chill mix, you can download the whole mix CD here! (it’s all Sufjan and a whole bunch of awesome rappers!)

Enjoy “Dumb I Sound/ATLiens” mixed by Tor (feat. Sufjan Stevens and Outkast)

Day 224: Song I’m digging at the moment: The Opposite Of Adults by Chiddy Bang (feat. MGMT

24 Jan

Hey guys!

I want to feature a song that is kind of an odd one for me to put on here.

Rap group Chiddy Bang has kind of come out of nowhere and is starting to make an impact on the music scene. For me, I’m not normally in-tune with the rap scene, mainly because I come from an alt-rock/folk background (if you couldn’t already tell). But the reason I find myself fascinated by these guys is their remixes of bands that I love.

One example is their song “All Things Go”, which is a rap track over a sped up version of Sufjan Steven’s “Chicago” (which is my favorite song of his… click the link to check out the blogpost). While it’s a little odd and strangely uncomfortable to hear a chipmunk-version of Sufjan crooning this gorgeous song, it’s a pretty badass version of the song!

But the one I want to feature today has been stuck in my head for weeks (in a very, very good way). “The Opposite Of Adults” by Chiddy Bang (feat. MGMT) is a remix of alt-electronic band MGMT’s song “Kids” (I’ll include a copy of this song right underneath the Chiddy Bang version). “Kids” was kind of the summer-anthem of 2008, and everyone picked it up and made it into a huge hit. I love the song, myself.

But then came Chiddy Bang, who took the basic tune and added their own flavor to it – instant hit! “The Opposite Of Adults” is actually featured on the commercials for the new “Need For Speed” game, and it’s kind of blown up since then. It’s insanely popular and totally great!

I personally love how they took this song and instead of featuring the lyrics or song itself, they took a piece and made it their own song (of course giving cred to the original band). The rhymes are awesome too, different from the “bitches and hoes” of other common rap favorites.

Anyways, enjoy “The Opposite Of Adults” by Chiddy Bang (Feat. MGMT)

Here’s the original song: “Kids” by MGMT

Day 175: Driving Lessons and Jesusland by Ben Folds

6 Dec

Hey everyone!

So today’s post features two things that I love love love love.

But before I say anything I’d like to point something out: I myself am not the most religious person. In fact, I try to shy away from the topic of religion (due to some very difficult conversations in the past). It’s not something that’s a part of my life, like many people. But I tolerate every religion, and in fact I think religion is a fascinating subject.

So, for the sake of this blog and all that it’s about, please don’t get all huffy about this song or subject. I think everyone has a fair right to their opinions, and besides it’s just a song!

Anyway, on to the blog post!

Rupert Grint is (now) a well known actor from England. If you can’t identify his name, you’d probably know him as this handsome fellow in the internationally popular series:

Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

Yeah, you know the one…

Well, surprisingly, Rupert Grint’s career has skyrocketed in the film industry over his actor and actress counterparts. He has now starred in two films (one of which I’m focusing on tonight) and is well known for being a very dramatic actor.

But the movie Driving Lessons (2006) is one of my favorite movies that he stars in (outside of the Harry Potter series). The movie takes place in a suburb of the UK, where Ben, a shy 17-year-old, tries to find a summer job to help him get his license. His overly-Christian mother (played by Laura Linney) controls his life, but when he meets “Dame” Evie Walton (played by Julie Walters), his whole life changes. It’s a story about living life to the fullest, pausing to realize the beauty around, and questioning one’s self.

There are two things that I have to say about this movie.

First and foremost, not only is it shockingly adorable, but it fits right into the theme of this blog. Evie is an older woman who wants to have fun in her life. Ben is so shy and sheltered, he doesn’t know the meaning of fun… which is why the two together make such a great pair.

One of my favorite parts of this movie happens about half-way through. As the caretaker of this older woman, Ben is sort of forced into going camping with her in the countryside. As they go through the green trees, Ben is focusing all his energy in driving the green car (which he does not know how to drive). In the meantime, Evie sticks her head out of the window and yells (pardon my French): “It’s so fucking green!!”

This is just one of many moments throughout the movie where the scenery is focused on. Evie teaches Ben to live life to the fullest, to admire our surroundings because they are a gift in of themselves. And I took that message to heart.

Unfortunately, I could not find the clip from the movie, but hopefully you will watch it and see what I mean.

The second thing I want to say is this: there are many movies with great music, and this one falls into that category. The soundtrack is riddled with Sufjan Stevens (the emphasis), Ben Folds, and scottish/latin/ska music that just wins!

For the blog, I wanted to feature the Ben Folds song “Jesusland” from the movie. Now, in the context of the movie, it is pretty self-explanatory… Ben lives in a very Christian family, and battles with the dimensions of his religion as he develops a friendship with Evie.

But the lyrics to the song discuss a suburban paradise. It’s a gorgeous song, and the music-video, while simple, is outstanding!

So enjoy “Jesusland” by Ben Folds. Also, check out Driving Lessons. It’s a great movie and will make you smile!

Day 169: and yet more Sufjan (but this will BLOW YOUR MIND)

30 Nov

Hey guys!

So, yeah I know Sufjan Week is technically over… and I promised myself I wouldn’t go spouting about him a ton more (mainly because I don’t think y’all care)… But this is awesome.

His newest video for the song “Too Much” (which I featured on day 155, and is my favorite song off of Age Of Adz) kind of blows my mind. It’s a little crazy on the eyes, but I really wish I was in this music video. Mainly because it looks like they are having way too much fun.

My personal favorite part is his dance to put on the shades. Seriously, what skill… I epic fail at that every time I try.

Anyways, without further ado, check out this psychedelic video for “Too Much”…. and try not to look directly at the lines… it’ll suck you in!

Day 159: [THEME WEEK CONCLUSION] Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

20 Nov

Hello again everyone!

Tonight is the shocking conclusion to Sufjan Stevens Theme Week!

Sufjan in all his glory

I had a lot of fun trying to pick all the songs and things this week, but I saved the best for last (in my opinion).

“Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens is probably a more well known song… it’s sounds like a single, and it was recently remixed into a rap song by the popular group Chiddy Bang (check out their version “All Things Go“).

But the reason I picked this song to end theme week is it’s ferocity. It’s… I can’t even explain it.

I guess the best word to describe it is the “climax” of his work. It’s got such an upbeat feel to it, and the music is incredibly epic. Honestly, it’s a perfect song.

I don’t want to say more to ruin it, mainly because I hope everyone hears it the same way I do.

Just listen to it without any distractions, and hopefully you’ll see what I mean. I present “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens.

Day 158: [THEME WEEK] The Perpetual Self, or What Would Saul Alinsky Do? by Sufjan Stevens

19 Nov

Hello again!


Circa 1960s.

Today’s song is one that some of you may have actually heard before. You see, it was in a preview for a movie that came out earlier this year (aka Babies).

“The Perpetual Self, or ‘What Would Saul Alinsky Do?’ by Sufjan Stevens is one of the best songs out there. It’s adorable and uplifting, moving you through the song like you’re on a cloud.

Also, embarrassing fact about myself, even though I never knew the song was by him (and I loved the song), I am still unable to watch the preview for that movie without tearing up. Call me crazy, but those babies! They’re just so cute!

ANYWAY, this song sets itself apart from most of his music… yeah, sure, he does sing very uplifting songs (like tomorrow’s conclusion), but it’s just so HAPPY. Like I feel like I can take anything with that song on.

The guitars are a little harder than he’s used to, and come to think of it, the song is still uplifting and “harder” than he normally uses. But it works with his soft vocals, and you can feel the warmth this song is emanating.

I hope you enjoy this song, because it pretty much brightens up any day! Here’s “The Perpetual Self, or ‘What Would Saul Alinsky Do?'” by Sufjan Stevens (off of his CD The Avalanche)

Oh, and if you’re not lame like me, watch the preview for that movie right here. It is seriously too adorable for my eyes.


Day 157: [THEME WEEK] The Dress Looks Nice On You by Sufjan Stevens (+Bad Communication)

18 Nov

Hello hello!



I was having trouble trying to decide between three different songs today, so I’ve decided to post two that I really love.

The first is “The Dress Looks Nice On You” off of Sufjan’s 4th album Seven Swans, which is gloriously low-key and beautiful. The song shows a strangely more risque side of the singer, who in one part of the song  says “I can see you better naked, too”… I’m not too sure why he decided to take this turn, considering how this CD plays off of many Bible-themes, but I don’t question it.

The lyrics are soft and the melody is playfully melancholy (especially the banjo part, which is my personal favorite).

I really can’t describe it… it’s strangely appealing.


Also, as a bonus, I wanted to throw on another song off of his newest CD Age of Adz… the song is “Bad Communication”, and it is very powerful. You can feel the emotion in his voice, and it makes for a strange listening experience. I love this song and it’s morose sound!