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Day 254: Don’t Let The Devil by Jackie Greene

24 Feb

Hey everyone!

Picture courtesy of Michael Reiner

For today’s post, I wanted to get some blues out there (to essentially contribute to the stormy weather).

A few weeks back, me and Michael, a friend of mine, went to see Jackie Greene at WOW Hall. I had zero expectations, so I was thoroughly surprised at how great the concert was! With the bluesy-rock feel and the Hendrix-style guitar solos, I became an instant fan.

I loved how Jackie Greene used all different guitars and instruments to explore the genre he was rocking, actively getting the audience to feel the music like he does. With two acts, a fantastic arrangement of guitars, a 70s electric organ (can you say LOVE?!), and a great voice, he embodied the soul of the 70s. Impressive for such a young artist!

Anyway I had a great time at the concert (thanks Mike!) and I’m proud to say that I’m a Jackie Greene fan from now on!

Here’s an acoustic version of “Don’t Let The Devil” (which was one of my favorite songs he played). It’s really awesome and I’m glad to see this guy still rocks hard acousticly as well as full-band-ly.

Enjoy “Don’t Let The Devil” by Jackie Greene!


27 Jan

Hey everyone! Sorry for the belated post…

Today I wanted to feature a website I really like called “FFFFOUND!”

If you’ve ever seen FOUND! Magazine, you might have an idea of what this website actually is… But those of you who’ve never heard of either, you’re missing out.

FOUND! Magazine, first published in 2001, is a yearly magazine full of things that people have found throughout the nation. Whether they are shopping lists, funny notes, gloves, or stories that were made better because of these items, people send them into the magazine and they show up in the print edition. It’s an interesting take on the daily life of the human race and it’s a huge guilty pleasure of mine (I guess it’s not necessarily a guilty pleasure… but whatever!). You can check out FOUND! Magazine here!

Anyway, FFFFOUND! is much like the magazine, except it’s all internet images. People can post their favorite images, and it’s basically just a bunch of crazy images from flickr, tumblr, and other crazy websites!

Here’s a few examples: (Click the pictures to check out FFFFOUND!)

Day 167: Seattle during the Thanksgiving Weekend

28 Nov

Hello everyone!

So my roommate Jamie and I went to the Seattle area for Thanksgiving, and boy did we have a lot of fun! We spent Black Friday in Downtown Seattle, taking in the sites and smells of the big city. On Saturday, we went to Pike Place Market and Archie Mcphees in Ballard, afterwards taking a trip to Bellevue Square to see a spontaneous parade! Throughout the week, we wandered around Redmond, taking in the beautiful site of the snow covered land. It was a great trip!

For today’s post, I have decided to feature some of the best pictures we took, from both Jamie and me.



The hills about Eugene, so pretty in the snow!

The gateway into Washington!

I'm a-drinkin' my coffee at Bellevue Square (photo by Jamie)

Jamie and I enjoying the snow in Redmond (photo by Jamie)

The train tracks in Redmond in the snow (photo by Jamie)

They go on for yards....

The Space Needle (photo by Jamie)

Jamie and I enjoying the Fountain!

His nose was itchy!! (photo by Jamie)

Jamie in front of the EMP!

It's winter-y at the Space Needle!

Cafe Ladro by the Paramount is still wonderful on the inside!

My city never sleeps

I love books turned into decorations!

I want to live in the building with red windowsills

My favorite place in Seattle: Pike Place Market

My roomie and I enjoying the sound!

I love Seattle too much!!

Day 72: The Island Song by Ashley Eriksson (and a picture of Mel)

31 Jul

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

For the past few days, I’ve been near passing out when I write my posts, so I apologize for the lack of posting!

A few notes before we get to the post: This blog is STILL the featured blog under the optimism tag! So hooray!! That’s always good!

Also, if you haven’t managed to get out and see Inception, make sure you go. Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but it is worth the money!!! I absolutely love it, and it is incredibly smart. Go see it!!!

First of all, I’ve been losing sleep the last few nights due to my CUTE LITTLE KITTY!!!


We got Mel on Friday, and she’s been a ball of energy for days. Although she is freaking adorable…


especially when she sleeps!!

But anyways! I have a cute song for you today (not surprisingly featured during the ending credits of Adventure Time… don’t judge me! I love the show!) and it just warms your heart when listening to it!

Enjoy Ashley Eriksson’s “The Island Song”

Day 26: Meet Me Up On Capitol Hill!

15 Jun

Hello there, if this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page in the top right hand corner for more info on my project!

Last night, my friend Tyler and I went to see the lovely Imogene Heap at the Paramount Theater in the heart of Seattle. Not only was the concert awesome, but just being in Seattle makes my day instantly better! Unfortunately, I was unable to get some good pictures of the singer herself, but I got some great, pre-concert shot of the city (specifically Capitol Hill)

So today I have more pictures for you! Lots of Seattle pics! So enjoy :)

(Sorry again for the long post! Pictures take up lots of space! Leave me a comment and let me know where your favorite theater is! Or just leave me some love!)

Capitol Hill

Also Capitol Hill

Olive Tower, and Seattle

Olive Tower, part 2

Boren Ave.

The Convention Center

Capitol Hill and "Hot Mama"'s Dashboard

More Capitol Hill

Even More Capitol Hill

A freakin' awesome poster!!

Ahh, lovely Seattle

A Crosswalk in Seattle

The Paramount! Where Tyler and I saw Imogene Heap!

Come on, Tyler. Look alive!

That's better!!

Inside the glorious Paramount Theater!

Day 9: A Day Out In Eugene

29 May

Hello there! If this is your first time on the website, check out the about page in the top right hand corner!

How’s the world where you are, world? Today, in Eugene, it was wonderfully beautiful! The sun was shining, the air was cool, the temperature was fantastic. It was a great day to spend the day outside. And that is exactly what we did.

A friend of mine and I spent the mid-morning at the Saturday Market, and after a very long walk (and a quick change in characters), we had travelled from one end of Eugene to the other. So much walking, but so much fun!

After taking lots of pictures (and touching up the colors and things), I present you with a Day Out In Eugene

Cute house on 8th st.

Sweet Life wall

Green cup at sweet life!

Sausage Fest!

The 5th Ave Market. So cute!!

The fountain, pt. 1

The Fountain, pt. 2

A really neat door

Dexter, going to work.

Train Station outdoors

Train Station indoors

Train restaurant!

Overall, it was a good day to be outside!