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Day 281: We Are Hunted

23 Mar

Hey everyone!

So I am completely addicted to We Are Hunted. It’s a music website that allows you to build your own playlist based on the newest bands (and some of your favorites), that you can share with others… or just listen to!

I stumbled upon this website the other night, and despite a few hiccups and inconsistencies (many of the songs are not actually playable, despite being listed as so… also some of the songs are definitely NOT by the artists they are labeled under) it’s such an awesome sight to browse!

My favorite secition is the Emerging Charts, which focus on all types of music but brings out the best music from some of the coolest indie bands out there right now! With 100 songs right off the bat to pick, and hundreds more that are searchable, it’s easy to get lost in your own playlist!

Check out the site now! And favorite my playlist!

Click here to check out the site!

Click here to check out my playlist!

Here’s a song that I heard on the site that I love (AND is off the new Strokes album that came out yesterday!):



Day 184: Flight

15 Dec

Hey Guys!

I’ve got another game for you today called flight!

The premise of the game is that a little kid wants to see their mother for Christmas, and sends a letter to santa via paper plane. When it lands all over the world, other people write notes to send around the world. Your job is to control the plane!

It’s pretty simple, you throw the paper airplane and add upgrades to make it fly further. The animation is cute and the music is great! It’s a cute little game to keep you occupied!

So enjoy “Flight” off of armorgames.com!

Click here to play "Flight" at armorgames.com!

Day 165: Anthropologie.com

26 Nov

Hello everyone and happy Black Friday!

Hopefully, none of you guys died in the firestorm of holiday shopping! Thankfully, my room mate and I are safe and back at home, but I know there are some crazy people out there who’ll do anything for certain sales.

But today, we went to downtown Seattle (which, if you’ve never been to park place and 6th on Black Friday, you need to… it’s like a mini-new york!!) and explored the stores, all while picking up tons of fun presents!

There was one store that literally blew our minds. Seriously.

Anthropologie, located on 6th and pike street, is one of the most amazing stores I’ve ever been in. Every trinket, dress, scarf, pillow, and item I wanted to buy and live in. It was incredible.

But of course, today I’m in a hurry, but I wanted to give you a quick taste of what amazement is going on at this store. I’ve been looking at Anthropologie’s website for over three years, and until now I’ve never had a chance to even dream about buying anything!

Check it all out because it’s AMAZING.

Click here to go to anthropologie.com!! (I WANT EVERYTHING!!)

Day 162: Rosemary Travale and her Mystical Artwork!

23 Nov

Hello everyone!

So while on twitter yesterday, I came across a cool website by Miss Rosemary Travale. She is an artist based out of Ontario, Canada (where she “grew up dreaming of adventures on the high seas.”), and all of her artwork is playful and fun to look at!

Really, I mean what’s better than a bearded man in underwear?

Or a man that is made out of a tree?

Or, what about Wonderwoman’s secret passion?!

It’s great times.

Check out her other artwork (and download some kick-ass stuff) at her website: Rosemary Travale!

Also, on a random note, which would make a better tattoo (from the pictures below)? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Out of these, the rushmore one

Or the Royal Tenenbaums one?











Big thanks to Miss Rosemary Travale for allowing me to post these pictures! I adore them and I hope all you do too!

Day 137: The Exploding Girl

5 Oct

Hey guys, if this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

Before I get into the post, I just wanted to say HOORAY! EARLY POST! That’s right.

Now that that’s over with, I have a few quick announcements before I get this blogpost on the road.

First, I’m still looking for collaborators. Really, all I’m looking for is some people who like to look for optimistic things in the world and want to talk about it. I’m still going to do the daily project, mainly as a goal for myself, but it would be nice for others to spread their view of the world as well.

Second, I am always looking for suggestions for the blog! If you see something neat (but don’t want to be a regular collaborator), email me at lawdki@gmail.com and I will do a guest blog!

Third, if you have a cool website or blog that I can put on my blog roll, let me know! I love looking at blogs and sites, and hopefully some of you will too! Let me know or send me a link through the blog or through email!

Okay, on with the blogpost!

Today, I want to feature not a movie but a trailer for the movie called The Exploding Girl (2009).

When I first saw the preview for this in the Spring, I wanted to see it so badly. Of course, I completely missed it when it came to town, but it’s been living in the back of my mind since then.

Thankfully it’s streaming on Netflix instant watch, but the trailer got me thinking…

Now this movie has INSANELY mixed reviews. Critics love it because it’s a really deep character study of this college girl with epilepsy, and audiences hate it because they say it’s way too boring. I’m the type that’ll sit through a boring movie because I want to, so I’m going to watch it.

Really, though, the preview just grabs me in a way I cannot understand. The music (Which is called “hvernig á að særa vini sína” by the band formerly known as Andhéri … also, this song is absolutely NO WHERE to be found), the acting, the ambience… it all looks really emotional and good.

I’m planning on watching it tonight, so I’ll let you know my thoughts on it tomorrow with my other blog Eye Candy (sorry it looks terrible right now… I’m in the process of “pimping it out”).

Anyways, here’s the preview for The Exploding Girl. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below!

Day 116: in which we discuss the wonders that is Wondermark

13 Sep

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

David  Malki’s web comic “Wondermark !” is one of the of the most amazing things I’ve ever looked at.

Basically, it is created using those old victorian drawings that are stock photos, but the situations are all modern-day issues. It’s clever, often kind of manic and silly, but always funny!!

The comic below is quite possibly my favorite strip of them all.

Go check it out. It’s amazing. And hilarious!

Click here for more Wondermark !

Here’s some more of my favorites:


Emo Ape



Loud Rhino

Day 113: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

10 Sep

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

Today, I want to feature my all-time favorite movie, Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001) (known in America as Amélie).

As you guys probably know by now, I’m a movie fanatic. Normally, I would hesitate to name my favorite movies (since there are so many out there I love), but Amélie is by far the best movie I’ve ever seen.

The plot is incredibly unique: Amélie Poulain was born and raised by two strange parents. She was incredibly sheltered (due to a heart problem her father-doctor didn’t realize was fake), and grew up with her imagination as her best friend. Now, she is an adult living in Montmartre, working at a café called “Les 2 Moulins” (the two windmills). One night, she finds a small box containing childhood treasures of a man who used to live in her apartment. She decides that if finding this box changes this man’s life forever, she will become a full-time do-gooder. The movie embarks on her journey to change the lives of the people around her, while she attempts to change hers as well.

It’s glorious, beautifully filmed, and absolutely wonderful.

Here’s the preview with English subtitles:

BIG WARNING: While I advise everyone see this movie, it is rated R for a reason! There’s a few things here and there where it is explicit, but it’s done sparingly enough to make it a minor drift in the focus of the film. But once more: there are graphic scenes… so you’ve been forewarned!

Anyway, I adore this movie with a passion. All the characters and situations make it like a modern-day fairy tale, and Yann Tiersen’s score for the film is amazing.

But the best part of this film is it’s attention to detail. In fact, that’s the point of the film: everyone has something that makes them unique: Nino Quincampoix collects torn photobooth photos, and the glass man paints the same painting every year. It’s these things that the movie makes a point of mentioning, pointing out that no matter how strange you are or what you do there is hope for you in the future. In the cases of the people in this movie, hope is named Amélie.

I really admire this film, not only because of it’s strange filmmaking skills, but because it is exactly the way I want to see the world. I saw it when I was a kid (probably not the best idea the more I think about it…) and ever since I’ve been trying to improve the daily lives of those around me. I feel like if Amélie was real, she would be proud of me for this blog… at least I hope so!

Anyway, for the sake of everything, please check out Amélie… it is strange and wonderful and it never fails to make me fall in love with it again and again and again.

Here’s a scene that I adore:

Day 77: One Button Bob

5 Aug

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So quick blog tonight:

I found this cute game on armor games.com, and it is pretty simple: try to get one-button bob to the end with the least amount of clicks! It’s pretty self explanatory, and I love it so! My own personal score was 281!


(click the picture for the game!)

Click here for game!

Day 75: Girls With Slingshots

3 Aug

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So, I’m a nerd for webcomics. I’ve featured two of my favorites so far (Johnny Wander and Cardboard Life), but tonight I wanted to feature another that I just adore.

Warning! Some of the stuff on this comic is NSFW, but it’s still great :)

Danielle Corsetto, a petite webcomic-ette, created Girls With Slingshots in 2004 and has been updating it every week day since! Featuring a fiery red head named Hazel and her big n’ busty best friend Jamie, this comic deals with the stressful life post-college and pre-rest-of-life! Oh, and there’s an Irish-Spanish cactus that has a travelling mustache.

I’ve been reading this comic for almost a year now (and I just reread them all over again a few nights ago!) and it never fails to make me unhappy! I love all the characters, and I can see myself in Jamie (which ROCKS!)

Check it out!

(click the comic below to go to the newest one!)

Jamie and her hair :)

(also, as a special treat, check out her hilarious poster that she designed!!)

Day 69: A Town Called Panic in “Cake”!

28 Jul

Hello there! If this is your first time on the site, be sure to check out the about page at the top for more info on my project! Also, sign the guestbook (also located in the top)!

After staying up late for the past few days, I’ve reached my tired level. So unfortunately, I must cut my blogpost short for tonight…

So tonight I want to show you a really silly little video called “Cake” from a TV show called “A Town Called Panic”. The show is from Belgium and it is a stop motion animated series about Cowboy, Indian, and Horse (who all live in a town called Panic). While the original series is in French, the English dubbed version is just as funny.

This past year, they released a feature film in theaters with the same name, and it is an hour and fifteen minutes of nutty fun. For those of you who have instant watch netflix, you can watch it instantly on your computer! (just look up A Town Called Panic).

Without further ado, I bring you “Cake” from “A Town Called Panic”

If you like this video, check out the article I wrote over at the Oregon Voice here! (it’s all about stop motion animation!)